When I first started blogging (like, three or so blogs ago) I described myself as an “appreciator of beautiful things and people.” At the time (2010) it was kind of a hard thing to explain to people… but since then, aesthetica and the appreciation thereof has become a bona fide stand alone industry in its own right. It kind of happened while I wasn’t looking, I guess, and when I started blogging again this year, I came across the hashtag #postitfortheaesthetics and… I was like “OMG cool! These are my people!”

In the past few months, Instagram has reinforced my obsession with all things aesthetic. And the amazing people I’m currently following inspire my vibe and make me appreciate their incredible creative abilities every single day. And I love that it is a thing now!

Side note: I’ve recently started a tumblr, so thought I’d share some of those items over here. If you’re keen to check out some of my more aesthetic focused stuff, please feel free to follow me:

p.s. two of these photos are mine. Can you pick them? Holler at me in the comments if so! X

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