lv beauty

lv beauty filter instagram
lv beauty filter instagram

A Louis Vuitton Beauty Filter isn’t something that I’d normally blog about. LV beauty filter is gorgeous – don’t get me wrong – it’s as perfect a filter as you can get! It’s just not something I’d normally spend time writing about.

Look, I love having a Louis Vuitton logo on my face as much as the next fashion-obsessed girl… and my feed is proof of that. I was just surprised to get so many requests for the link to this filter. It seems like not many other grammers are willing to share links to the ones that are hard to find.

And maybe that’s why some of the best filters (like LV beauty) can be almost impossible to get your hands on – no one bothers to spend time linking to them or keeping a list of where they are.

Fair warning: this filter does not seem to exist on Instagram anymore. Sendom – the creator – does have it in his IG highlights, but it no longer seems to live on the platform anymore. (Which is probably why so many people are having trouble finding it.)

If you want to use it, you need to go via this link to Sendom’s Instagram highlights, then swipe up to use the Filter in Facebook. Then save/download your video or snap and upload it to Instagram. (I’ve tried multiple times to save the facebook link but I can’t get it to work.)

I know, super complicated, right? Ahhh the things we do for fashion.

Here’s the link: LV Beauty Filter by Sendom. (Swipe up on the fourth one in.)

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