11 cute styles for mid-length hair

Short to mid-length hair is great, but when you’re growing it out or looking to shake things up, it’s easy to run out of new ideas for hairstyles fairly quickly. These are a few of my favourites, to keep you inspired.

1. pigtails

Not just for kindergarteners anymore. Pigtails are great for short to medium length hair. They keep your hair out of your face while still ranking as a definite hair look (aka not a messy bun!)

2. half topknot

Definitely the ‘it’ style of 2020-2021, the half up topknot has an effortless ‘don’t really care’ nonchalance that’s perfect for those occasions where you want to look done but not overdone.

3. face framing braids

The face framing braid is perfect for short to medium length hair. It’s an easy way to change up your look, without spending hours on your hair.

4. sleek bun

The sleek bun with a centre part is a classic style that never ceases to look chic and put-together. It’s ideal for those days when you can’t be bothered with a blow dry, but still need to look polished.

5. Space Buns

This style is ideal for hair that’s not quite long enough for a high ponytail or topknot, especially if you want to put your hair back. It’s cuter than your average messy bun, and a great way to add that final touch.

6. Side Sweep Twist

This style is especially good for hair colour or highlights that are beginning to grow out, especially if your colourist appointment is a few weeks away yet.

7. Front Section Looped Bun

The front section looped bun is great for hair that’s getting close to needing a wash, or those days when you need to keep your bangs out of your eyes.

8. Side Loop Buns (aka ‘Beep Beeps’)

I call this style ‘beep beeps’ because when I was a kid, my Dad used to tug on my hair and make a sound like a horn whenever I wore this style. It’s a variation on space buns and pig tails, but with a slightly more effortless, laid back vibe.

9. Side Twists

Another variation on the ‘front section’ style, side twists are simple to do. They’re a nice, soft way to pull your hair back and this style adds a little bit of boho flair to any outfit.

10. Beachy Waves

There’s nothing like a voluminous, beachy wave to breathe new life into your hair, no matter the length. Rather than using a hair straightener, I find a curling iron is the best way to achieve this soft, effortless style. Leave the bottom inch or so of your hair out of the curl to add a little undone, ‘cool girl’ flair.

11. Low Messy Bun

Ok, this is kind of a gimme. Especially since I dissed the messy bun earlier in this post. But, it’s a classic for a reason. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and leave a few face-framing pieces out at the front for that ‘just threw it up’ vibe.

Short hair is so much fun, but if you’re new to it, growing your hair out into a longer style or running out of ideas, it can be challenging. As someone who went from very long hair to a lob to a chin grazing bob over the space of a few months, the best advice I can give you is to have fun, keep playing and try new things.

Obviously, this is only a few of my favourite styles. There are loads of other awesome ways to get creative with short to medium length hair. What’s your favourite hairstyle?

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